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One of our childhood’s unforgettable games, “Battle City” is ready with console version developed by Team Robin.
The game is build up on the basis of the well-known and loved by many users Battle City game.
The player uses the "Arrow Keys" to move and the "SPACE" key to fire his weapon.
The action takes place on the arena of one of the 25 unique levels, where you and your enemy appear. You drive a tank, and your aim is to destroy all enemy tanks and defend your base from annihilation. From time to time bonuses appear, giving you various opportunities.

The game is developed using object oriented programming, it uses advanced AI Logic and stores statistics to keep track of your points.
We have used CodepPlex to keep our source code and for team collaboration:
The following assets are defined and implemented in our project:

  • multi-dimensional arrays, one-dimensional arrays, queues, hash sets, etc...
  • methods
  • different .NET classes
  • exception handlings
  • use of external files
  • use of ADT


Team Members:

  1. Венцислав Георгиевventsislav.georgiev
    - Gameplay Logic

  2. Ивайло ПапратиловIvayloP
    - Tanks Movement Logic
    - AI Logic
    - Tanks Fire and Damage Logic

  3. Константин Кондовkskondov
    - Tanks View, Game Over Logo
    - Game Sounds

  4. Милко ТодоровDragonBS
    - Main Menu, Game Over Menu
    - In Game Statistics Menu, Statistics Logic

  5. Ясен Башовtriplexsa
    - Levels Logic
    - Points count



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